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Uncover local city hotspots and hidden gems on one of our cryptic, self-guided adventures. We'll send clues directly to your phone that get your team sneaking through secret alleys, admiring Insta-worthy architecture, discovering the city's history and enjoying its very best pubs, bars and cafés.

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You can sign-up and play all our trails via the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. Start your chat with Urban Hunt whenever you like and play anytime 😍

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Cryptic Clues

Clues are designed to get you thinking. Work together as a team to break down their meaning and find each answer.

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Epic Trivia

Explore different neighbourhoods or see places you thought you knew in a completely new light thanks to our fascinating facts.

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Hidden Gems

Our trails open your eyes to easily overlooked places and details you’ve never given a second glance.

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Immersive Experiences

Gameplay is via Facebook Messenger chat, with plenty of emojis, images, GIFs and video clips thrown in for a fun and interactive experience.

Cryptic Clues Epic Trivia Hidden Gems Multimedia
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Angela | StarStarStarStarStar

"Fabulous fun for a family day out! Kids loved searching the alleyways of The Rocks. A clever, well thought out adventure!" - Facebook

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Aurélie | StarStarStarStarStar

"So much fun! Great team building activity! Loved the Life of Vice trail. Beware of the penalties haha not as easy as you’d think 😉" - Facebook