Urban Hunt for Team Building: A Case Study

🕵️‍♂️ By Lauren Holford | ✍️ 7th Mar, 2020

Our brief

The main objective of this event was to bring together colleagues outside of the workplace on a primarily social activity as an end of financial year reward.

The project

With the main focus on a fun team reward, we wanted to make sure this event was packed with entertaining elements. After chatting to the organiser about their logisitical requirements in terms of timing and location, we developed a trail designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible with plenty of picture and video clues, and quirky 'Did You Know' GIFs thrown in. As with all our trails, each team member was able to receive their team's clues on their own device, making sure that everyone felt involved and could contribute.


To make the registration process as quick and easy as possible, we created a digital playbook specifically for the event that the organiser could share with players in advance, setting out how to play and offering some top tips. We also implemented a streamlined one-click registration to simplify team setup, so there was minimum effort or organisation required on their part. Designing a true end-to-end solution has been a key consideration for us on all our custom projects and we continue to work on ways of maximising branding and personalisation while eliminating hassle for the organiser.   .   

Upon signup, teams were randomly allocated one of the staggered start points around the course, which ensured groups were spread out and not all starting from the same place at the same time. To maintain competition and excitement, players were able to live view the leaderboard rankings and where their team was placed compared to their rivals. The combination of staggered starts and live leaderboard worked really well together and helped the event run smoothly while fostering energy and excitement. A fantastic addition to any event for larger groups!

Overall, this event was really successful in providing social fun while encouraging transferable teamwork skills. The simplified signup process made setup easy and stress-free for the organiser and is something we will be recommending to all larger group events in the future. The live leaderboard was another very popular component with players, receiving frequent views by all teams eager to see how they were doing. It proved a great way of sustaining enthuasiasm throughout the event and a feature we would 100% recommend for any team-building event.

Project feedback

Kaitlyn from MBM provided the following feedback on their event:

"Thank you so much for all your work on this. Everyone had a ball. It turned out to be the perfect length and everyone in the office was able to participate and enjoy it."