Urban Hunt Shortlisted in Time Out Awards!

🕵️‍♂️ By Lauren Holford | ✍️ 28th May, 2020

Here at Urban Hunt, we are feeling incredibly proud to have recently been shortlisted in Time Out Sydney's Lockdown Awards.





Back in March, we were forced to temporarily close all our self-guided city adventures due to COVID19. It was a difficult time for us along with many other small businesses, so we looked at how we could pivot our offering and decided to instead focus on opening up our platform to our lovely community with the aim of bringing some of the fun and sense of adventure at the heart of our outdoor trails to people's homes.



Rushing to release a quiz or scavenger hunt builder was perhaps a more daunting task than we initially realised, but we felt inspired by the creative and resourceful solutions that were emerging in response to the pandemic and determined to make a free scavenger hunt builder a reality for the month of April.

Once the builder was released, we were overwhelmed with the response - almost 500 unique scavenger hunts were created on our platform in the first month! From cryptic quarantine games to original home-schooling activities and Easter hunts, we were completely blown away by our community's imagination and effort.




We also created our first online scavenger hunts for those that didn't have the time or inclination to create their own. Starting with a cryptic spy-themed trail, we later added a globe-trotting online expedition that follows an immersive narrative and incorporates interactive applications to virtually explore iconic sites and give a secert glimpse inside world-renowned locations. Who says you need to leave home to explore the world?



We are feeling incredibly grateful that the uncertain situation we faced has turned into such a rewarding experience and would hugely appreciate your support in the public vote for Best Virtual Experience in Time Out Sydney's Lockdown Awards.

It takes 2 minutes to visit the link below, click the red button marked 'Vote Now' and vote for Virtual Scavenger Hunts by Urban Hunt under section 21. Favourite Virtual Experience. Voting closes 31st May and all voters will automatically be entered into a draw to win A$300 worth of beer.

A big THANK YOU for all your support and good luck!