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Engage your audience like never before.

Our custom trails deliver totally unique, fun-filled adventures guaranteed to inspire. With a wide range of experiences from mass-marketing stunts to intimate celebrations and everything in between.

We're passionate about using technology to bring people together. We deliver entertaining and engaging adventures that do just that. From team-building to networking, training to conference activities, our creative custom solutions really get people talking.

Our versatile offering can be completely tailored to you and your organisation's needs, creating an original and interactive experience that maximises energy and engagement. What more could you want? 🎉

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Teams compete on a particular trail or your own custom course, solving clues or completing group challenges delivered directly to their phone via a simple chat interface.

We can create an entirely custom trail for you or alternatively, personalise our current offerings to fit with your brand. Below are a few examples of features you can expect.

📍 Staggered Starts

Avoid teams following each other with randomly-assigned start points. Add a final destination to end in a sprint!

🔥 Live Leaderboard

Let's get competitive! Live leaderboards keep teams and event organisers updated of positions while they play.

💨 Rapid sign up

Save time setting up teams with custom invite links and one-click join. No need for an account!

🧐 Tailored Content

Keep clues and challenges relevent to your business. We'll work with you to curate engaging content to match your messaging.

👨‍💻 Admin Dashboard

Watch your event unfold from your laptop with live stats, support helplines and more!

🏃‍♂️ Speed Mode

Restriced by time? Add speed mode! We'll give teams a certain number of minutes to complete each clue and move them on automatically.

🎥 Custom Challenges

Time to get creative. Build a giant QR code? Request a team karaoke? It's up to you, we'll build it. Go on, challenge us!

🤳 Branded Selfies

Get the content your brand deserves! Request team selfies and we'll automatically upload it with a background of your choice!

Let's talk.

Interested? We'd love to hear more! Our clients range from large corporate events for over 1,000 people to intimate birthday gatherings and celebrations.