Brand Marketing

Connect with your audience in a new way

On the look out for a unique marketing tool that won't break the bank? Whether you want to really capture your clients attention or build your public following so people remember your brand, we'll help you make your vision a reality.

Convey your brand identity and values, impress your target audience and get people to genuinely feel invested and care about you and your products.

Breaks from the status quo and gets people talking

Creates interest and excitement around your brand

Builds brand awareness in a refreshing way

Increases social outreach and brand engagement

Any ideas of how to get people to really take notice of our offering? 🤩

You could deliver your latest products and achievements to clients in a fun and interactive style? 💃 💃 💃

Or what about reinvigorating accepted business practices like how you conduct site visits with a fresh approach? 🤯

Nice ideas, but how do we get other people really talking about us? 🤔

How about creating a buzz around your brand with a major marketing stunt that has a big prize up for grabs? 🏆

Perhaps build hype around a new product or service with a fun and engaging launch campaign?

Yeah, that's the kind of thing we need! 🤗

🏃‍♂️ Staggered starts

Break up your teams and ramp up the competition. We'll automatically assign start points and set up a final destination to race to.

🙊 Hidden results

Maintain a live leaderboard to spice up competition but automatically hide results toward the end for an epic award ceremomy!

👨‍💻 Admin Dashboard

Be in the know. Get live statistics of your teams' progress on the admin dashboard. You can reach out to teams directly on the fly.

🎁 Breaks & Vouchers

We all love a discount! We can include vouchers for local food and drink vendors that players claim through the app.

There are plenty of features to pick from that will enhance your event. This is just a select few we think you might be interested in. Get in touch to find out more!

Let's talk.

Finding the perfect solution for your brand can be tough. That's why we're so flexible. Tell us about your ideas and we'll work around the clock to make it happen 🚀