Fun, interactive and engaging events

Whether you need an interactive breakout session or want to engage all attendees in a mass scavenger hunt challenge, we're here to help. Use our system as an opportunity to generate new ideas, align attendees with your future goals or consolidate conference takeaways.

It's guaranteed to provide a fun-filled experience with a lasting impression.

Engages attendees by getting them up and on the move

Promotes active learning and reinforced outcomes

Get people talking and producing ideas together

Increase sponsor involvement with guaranteed exposure

How can I make our conference more memorable? 🤔

You could engage attendees through an interactive training session at the start?

Or how about a creative solution that promotes your partners or clients?

Great ideas 💡💡
Any thoughts on how to avoid boredom?

For sure! Include some group challenges for site visits or sales reviews 💰

It always works well injecting excitement with an energiser activity or ice-breaker too!

Features, tailored for you 👇

👋 Team swapping

Mix up teams throughout the day to encourage fresh conversation and ideas

🧐 Group challenges

Get attendees working together on a variety of custom challenges.

📱 Direct messaging

Contact teams directly from your dashboard and add challenges on the fly

🔥 Event breakdown

In-depth event statistics, team selfies and branded media.

There are plenty of features to pick from that will enhance your event. This is just a select few we think you might be interested in. Get in touch to find out more!

Let's talk.

Hosting a multi-day conference or need a simple energiser? We can help. Get in touch to discuss your event with us.