How much does it cost?

Standard trails are charged at AU$25 in Australia and £15 in the UK per team. Some of our shorter trails are a little cheaper for those looking for something under an hour. We may have sponsored or featured trails from time to time where the price can increase to include special prizes or promotions on route. You can find the price of each trail by visiting the trails information page on our site.

How many people can I have per team?

There is no limit to the number of people that you have in a team, although for the best experience we recommend a maximum of 4 per team.

What's the difference between a Hunt and a Trail?

A Trail is the course where a Hunt takes place. A Hunt can consist of up to 5 different teams each competing in the Hunt to get the fastest time. Each Hunt will have it's own Hunt code which team players can use to access their specific leaderboard.

When can I play Urban Hunt?

You can play within 28 days (4 weeks) upon signing up for your Hunt. You must commence play within the specified time period on the day.

For example, if a Trail states that play must commence Tue - Sun between 10am - 4pm, you must START your hunt between these times. Some clues can take you inside of cafes, shops, galleries or bars and these time restrictions ensure teams can complete the trail in full. If you wish to play leisurely, try to start at least an hour before the latest start time.

What if I run out of time during a hunt and want to pause?

We offer each team a one off 7 day extension on your trail. To initiate an extension on your trail, you must type pause during gameplay or use the support menu.

Can I add another captain to my team?

Yes! But only during gameplay. Once the trail has started you can type #captain to add another captain who will also receive your teams answers.

Will Hunts with multiple teams end up just following each other?

We have added in clues that stagger how long it takes to figure out their answer, so generally this doesn't happen.

How do we begin a Hunt?

Once you've signed up, you will be prompted with a button that says START HUNT. If there are multiple teams in your hunt, the captain of Team 1 (Known as the hunt organiser) is in charge of tapping START HUNT for everyone. This will begin play for all teams at the same time.

All of the other team captains will get a confirmation message via Facebook Messenger if they have been verified and are ready to play.

The organiser of a hunt is unable to start play unless all team captains have been verified.

How long does it take to receive a reply?

Generally you should get a reply within 10 seconds. If you are in an area with poor reception you can type '/captain' to receive a link to add another team members phone. Check out how it works for more information.

If you have not received anything within a minute, please tap the blue menu to the left of the text box and tap HELP. One of our live agents will jump online to chat with you and help solve your problem.

Can I change my team details after I have signed up?

Currently no. All details (including team names) must be confirmed at the time of payment. We are working on a process to allow you to edit your team at a later date.

Can under 18s take part?

Yup! - Unless a trail is marked as 'over 18s only'. Most of our trails are for all ages however some of our evening trails may involve visits to pubs and bars which have licensing restrictions. Make sure that if you do want to enjoy a hunt with your children, they are supervised at all times and you don't take them on the over 18 trails. We don't wait you to not be able to finish the hunt!

Will I be able to solve a trail if I don’t know the city?

If you don't know the city you can still solve the clues, just bring a map or ask a local! Knowing the trail area may benefit you on a few clues but isn't likely to be the deciding factor on who wins the Hunt!

Will my phone work for Urban Hunt?

Currently Urban Hunt works only through Facebook Messenger. This means that your team captain will need a Facebook account to play. We recommend that you have the Facebook Messenger app installed for the best experience.

How do I answer the questions?

Our answers are not case sensitive and for each clue there may be a few different answers we accept (e.g. if the answer is '17' we may accept 'seventeen' etc..).

Currently all answers are text-based so you just have to type your answer as a reply to the clue. We may introduce photo answers and map pin drops in the future but for now please refrain from sending us anything but a text response unless we specify.

Solving the clues

Depending on the trail you choose, each hunt will consist of between 15 - 20 clues. Every time you recieve a clue, your response to that message will be marked as your answer.