How It Works

Urban Hunt is a modern-day scavenger hunt where teams compete to solve clues via Facebook Messenger and finish a trail in the fastest time. Trails are specifically designed to get you off the beaten track in any given area to discover local hotspots and hidden gems in your city!

Hunts can either consist of multiple teams competing against each other, or you can sign up as just one team and take on the entire Hunt leaderboard. Feel like taking a stroll? Our Hunts can also be enjoyed non-competitively, giving you more time to explore.

How to play

Setting up a Hunt

Set up your Hunt all from inside Facebook Messenger just by opening a chat, tapping 'Get Started' and following the instructions. Alternatively, visit our collection of trails and click on your favourite. You will be directed to Facebook Messenger where you can complete the sign up process.

A Hunt can consist of 1 - 5 teams (for anything larger please contact us). You can either play as a single team (we recommend a maximum of 4 people per team for the best experience) or against other teams with an online leaderboard.

The person who sets up the Hunt through Facebook Messenger is known as the Hunt organiser. They will have the power to start the Hunt for all teams involved at the same time. In order to start a multi-team Hunt, make sure that all team captains have been verified through Messenger.


To keep the competition hot we apply penalties for certain situations. Penalties consist of extra minutes being added to your overall time effecting your final leaderboard placement. Below is a list of circumstances where you can recieve a penalty:


Most of our hunts have at least one break, normally at a cafe or bar where you can relax for as long as you like until you are ready to start hunting again. When you are ready to get going, tap END BREAK to get your next clue.

Some places will offer special discounts and deals for Urban Hunt players so make sure you look out for secret discount words we may send through to you once you begin your break! Our trails also often end at a convenient spot where you can relax and unwind after an exciting hunt!

For more information, visit our FAQ's