Artsy Lanes and Muddled Brains





Explore one of Australia’s most vibrant cities in this brain-tickling adventure that will take you through the most exciting local hotspots and hidden gems! Armed with a handful of clues and your walking shoes, get ready for the hunt!

Start Time

Any Day, 9am - 5pm

Please START the Hunt within the above time period. If you don't fancy racing, please begin at least an hour before the final start time.


This trail is not live yet 🙈. Stay tuned!

Start Location

Flinders St Station


You have 4 weeks from the day of sign up to complete your Hunt. Please make your way to the start location & once you and your team are ready, the team captain must tap 'START HUNT 👊'

If you are doing a Hunt with more than one team, make sure that each team captain has been verified before tapping start.

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