Borough and Beyond

Explore this popular South London neighbourhood in a completely new light! Your challenge is to solve our signature cryptic clues to uncover the stories behind the area's buildings, street art, ghost signs and much-loved icons. With a history dating back 1000's of years, there are plenty of secrets to discover.

Re-visit some Southbank highlights and explore hidden corners you've probably walked by and never noticed. From a hub of entertainment to a place of industry and a vibrant foodie destination, this trail shows you the Southbank like never before.

🧐 What to expect

πŸ‘‰ Cryptic Challenge

Our tricky clues will test your brains to the max, remember to break them down a word at a time!

πŸ‘‰ Outdoor Fun

This is a great way to keep fit while having fun, so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

πŸ‘‰ Refreshments

We've hand-picked a selection of optional refreshment stops en-route, so there's plenty of time to relax with food and drinks.

☝️ Instructions

This trail starts at Tate Modern, London in London and can be started Daily, 9am - 3pm.

If you plan on taking your time during the trail, please make sure you start at least 1 hour before the final start time.

You have 4 weeks to start your hunt once you have registered. On the day, please make your way to the start location and once you’re ready, the hunt organiser must click β€˜START HUNT’. Captains can add up to 3 extra devices to send and receive clues for each team.

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