Funky Beats, Quirky Streets

🌏 Sydney

⏰ 2-3hrs

🤔 Medium/Hard

💰 AU$25/team

Sydney's Newtown is full of energy at all times of the day! If you fancy a weekend market browsing antiques or letting loose any evening of the week, this bundle of bohemia is the place you want to be. Have a go on this trail to cover a whole range of this funky little town. We take you around the famous King's Street, into hidden bookshops, through parks and down graffiti cladded lanes. This trail really has it all. So tighten your boots and get ready for a solid adventure on this 14 clue trail!

Start Time 🏃

Daily, 11am - 9pm

Make sure that you START the Hunt within the above time period. Fancy a leisurely pace? Start at least an hour befor the final possible start time.

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Start Location 📍

Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

Top 3 Teams 🏆

🥇 The Smedley-Bakers

⏰ 01:34:47

🥈 Lord Leo's team...

⏰ 01:44:43

🥉 Wellington Boots

⏰ 01:45:55


You have 4 weeks from the day of sign up to complete your Hunt. Please make your way to the start location & once you and your team are ready, the team captain must tap 'START HUNT 👊'

If you are doing a Hunt with more than one team, make sure that each team captain has been verified before tapping start.

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