Life of Vice


Step into a life of vice and explore hidden stories of Sydney's underworld as we take you to some of the best underground cocktail bars and speakeasies Sydney has to offer.

With 5 unique bars to choose from, this over-18's adventure combines aspects of the city's criminal history with secret drinks venues, making for a great themed evening out.

Grab your gang and meet us at the Town Hall 🌑

This trail is priced at AU$30 per team and you can add up to 4 team members.

🧐 What to expect

👉 Team Game

Our modern-day treasure hunts are designed to be played as a team. Perfect for couples, friends, family, corporate team building or even a first date.

👉 Cryptic Challenge

Our tricky clues are usually designed for adults and will test your brains to the max. Remember to break them down a word at a time to solve the mystery!

👉 Outdoor Fun

This is a great way to keep fit while having fun, so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

☝️ Instructions

This trail starts at Town Hall Steps in Sydney and can be started Daily (Except Sunday), 3:30pm - 9pm.

If you plan on taking your time during the trail, please make sure you start at least 1 hour before the final start time.

You have 4 weeks to start your hunt once you have registered. On the day, please make your way to the start location and once you’re ready, the hunt organiser must click ‘START HUNT’. Captains can add up to 3 extra devices to send and receive clues for each team.

🏆 Leaderboard

🥇 Team Tamaryn

00 hrs 57 min 56 sec

🥈 Aeronautically Improbable

01 hrs 06 min 31 sec

🥉 Team A

01 hrs 07 min 38 sec

4 Vice City

01 hrs 17 min 51 sec

5 Make It A Double

01 hrs 19 min 45 sec

6 Team Shiny

01 hrs 21 min 43 sec

😍 Reviews (190)

Jennifer Hanna | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

“I loved that it wasn’t too easy! A great challenge!”

Kelsey Cooper-Phillis | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

“Loved it! Heaps of fun and discovered some really exciting new places!”

Cassie Warriner | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

“Loved it! Great to visit some bars we’ve never been to before. Tourist in our own city 🤗”

Miles Gibson | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

“Engaging and exciting, very much recommended”