Museum of Sydney

Explore the highlights and hidden corners inside the Museum of Sydney on this cryptic trail of discovery 😯

You'll uncover Sydney's unique history and trace the construction of the city's iconic architecture on this compact adventure. From the arrival of the first fleet to the rapid growth and development of a modern-day metropolis, you'll come away knowing the whole story of this beautiful city.

Museum admission: General: $12, Concession: $8, Family: $30

This trail is FREE and you can add up to 4 team members.

🧐 What to expect

πŸ‘‰ Team Game

Our modern-day treasure hunts are designed to be played as a team. Perfect for couples, friends, family, corporate team building or even a first date.

πŸ‘‰ Cryptic Challenge

The 14 tricky clues will test your brains to the max. Remember to break them down a word at a time to solve the mystery!

πŸ‘‰ Indoor Fun

This is a great rainy (or scorching!) day option as the whole trail takes place indoors.

☝️ Instructions

This trail starts at Museum Of Sydney, Reception in Sydney and can be started Daily, 10am - 3pm.

If you plan on taking your time during the trail, please make sure you start at least 1 hour before the final start time.

You have 4 weeks to start your hunt once you have registered. On the day, please make your way to the start location and once you’re ready, the hunt organiser must click β€˜START HUNT’. Captains can add up to 3 extra devices to send and receive clues for each team.

πŸ† Leaderboard

πŸ₯‡ TnT

⏰ 00 hrs 04 min 35 sec

πŸ₯ˆ No checks or stripes

⏰ 00 hrs 37 min 56 sec

πŸ₯‰ Team Vols

⏰ 00 hrs 41 min 59 sec

4 The Mel's

⏰ 00 hrs 44 min 21 sec

5 Gateaux Gang

⏰ 00 hrs 44 min 47 sec

6 Cool banana guys

⏰ 00 hrs 48 min 00 sec

😍 Reviews (56)

Detective 15577 | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

β€œVery clever. Kept my kids focused and actually reading information.”

Yahni Brown | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

β€œLoved it! 2nd time doing it and still just as good”

Gillian-jane Mercylin | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

β€œLoved the trail! The hunt kept us focused on understanding and reading everything we saw. Much better than what we anticipated.”

Claire Alpert | Blue StarBlue StarBlue StarBlue Star

β€œA good way to find bits of the museum you might otherwise miss, and a great way to keep kids engaged in their surroundings.”