Tales Of The Edgy East

This trail is around the unique London neighbourhood of Shoreditch and uncovers some of the area's hidden history and stunning street art.

Make your way past markets, famous murals and vintage clothes shops as we take you on an adventure through one of the most vibrant and eccentric parts of London. This trail has been built to really test your mind and how you think so choose your teammates wisely!

🧐 What to expect

πŸ‘‰ Cryptic Challenge

Our tricky clues will test your brains to the max, remember to break them down a word at a time!

πŸ‘‰ Outdoor Fun

This is a great way to keep fit while having fun, so make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

πŸ‘‰ Refreshments

We've hand-picked a selection of optional refreshment stops en-route, so there's plenty of time to relax with food and drinks.

☝️ Instructions

This trail starts at Liverpool St Station, Bishopsgate Exit in London and can be started Daily, 10am to 6pm.

If you plan on taking your time during the trail, please make sure you start at least 1 hour before the final start time.

You have 4 weeks to start your hunt once you have registered. On the day, please make your way to the start location and once you’re ready, the hunt organiser must click β€˜START HUNT’. Captains can add up to 3 extra devices to send and receive clues for each team.

πŸ† Leaderboard

1 Team Name Go

⏰ 00 hrs 47 min 31 sec


⏰ 00 hrs 55 min 47 sec

3 A whole lot of dove

⏰ 01 hrs 05 min 03 sec

4 Stokey Rebels

⏰ 01 hrs 09 min 50 sec

5 Best Team

⏰ 01 hrs 18 min 56 sec

6 Tucker Trailers

⏰ 01 hrs 28 min 47 sec