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Tales Of The Edgy East





This trail is around the unique London neighbourhood of Shoreditch and uncovers some of the area's hidden history and stunning street art.

Make your way past markets, famous murals and vintage clothes shops as we take you on an adventure through one of the most vibrant and eccentric parts of London. This trail has been built to really test your mind and how you think so choose your teammates wisely!

Know Before You Go

👉 Area
This trail starts at Liverpool Street Station and finishes near Shoreditch High Street.
It covers a small area, but is still a good way to keep fit while having fun.

👉 Standard Trail
There are 12 clues with one optional halfway break at an artsy outdoor space with food vendors.

👉 Cryptic Challenge
Cryptic clues will test your brains to the max on this trail, remember to break them down a word at a time!

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Start Time

Daily, 10am to 6pm

Please START the Hunt within the above time period. If you don't fancy racing, please begin at least an hour before the final start time.

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You have 4 weeks from the day of sign up to complete your Hunt. Please make your way to the start location & once you and your team are ready, the team captain must tap 'START HUNT 👊'

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