Explore the city with our unique scavenger hunts

🕵️‍♂️ By Lauren Holford | ✍️ 12th Feb, 2019

Just arrived in the city and keen to explore?

Maybe you've lived here for years and looking for something a little different this weekend. Well we created Urban Hunt for exactly these reasons. Ditch the walking tours, mix up your weekends and challenge your mates to a cryptic scavenger hunt with us!

What's the deal?

Urban Hunt offers a variety of interactive scavenger hunt trails in cities around the world, with an aim to bring every aspect of the these urban jungles to life. Uncover hidden gems (even the locals miss!), take a unique look at local hotspots in ways you never imagined and uncover the history hidden in the shadows. The cryptic nature of our trails ensures you fully engage in these self-guided adventures and in no time at all you'll find yourself discovering exciting and unexpected aspects of a local area. Think you're a local eh? Born and bred? This ain't no walk in the park. We can guarantee you'll be amazed at the hidden details we find along our trails and be left wondering why you never knew they existed! Why not challenge your family and friends to see just how well you know your streets?Couple enjoying a scavenger hunt in Melbourne

Learn something new

One of the most loved features are our 'Did you know' facts you receive on route. Thoroughly researched, short and interesting facts of the immediate area are sent to you after each clue including supporting photos, videos and even quality GIFs to ensure a fully immersive experience. Even locals who've lived in the city for decades have uncovered a world of knowledge right on their doorstep.



The perfect group event

Impress your friends with our secret cocktail bar adventure or strengthen employee relationships with a custom company trail, the options are endless! We make it easy for you to organise and run group events. You can go the whole hog and have your very own route, leaderboard, registration page and venue deals or pick from one of our popular trails and get started right away. No matter your budget, there's an adventure too be had.

What makes us different?

👉 Play your way

Playing Urban Hunt is just like chatting with your own personal guide, but it leaves you in control. Race against mates in a time-based adventure or take it easy and explore at you own pace, it's up to you!

👉 Set up in seconds

All our trails are all played via Facebook Messenger (more platforms coming soon!) so there's nothing new to download, all you need to do is start chatting. Plus, no bookings required! You can sign up and play on the spot, whenever suits you. Just select a trail, enter a team name and you're off to the races.

👉 Immersive and interactive

Photos, GIFs and videos enhance the experience, allowing you to see what buildings looked like 100 years ago or to watch a movie scene unfold on location!

👉 Adventures for everyone

Our trails cover a variety of different themes, so whether you need a rainy-day adventure, a date night with a difference or a unique team bonding event, we've got you covered.

👉 Top-rated rest stops

Most trails include multiple rest stops for you to take time off, relax and breathe in the city. Our venues are hand picked by our creators for their quirky vibe, beautiful views or down right tasty menu! Get that Instagram ready.

Stop wasting time sifting through Google, reading endless reviews or scrolling through Instagram. Sign up to one of our self-guided trails and explore the best of the city just the way you want to! Grab your mates and go on a real life adventure today!