We are a small team of creatives looking to provide curious explorers with shared and memorable outdoor experiences. Starting in Sydney, Australia back in 2016 as a passion project, we have now expanded our range (but remained small and flexible as a team) accross the globe. By combining our personal preference to self-exploration (over being in a blindly-herded crowd) while still making the most a city visit, thoroughly researching secret spots and hidden gems, we started drawing on these experiences and began creating self-guided adventures for the masses, without the crowds.

Our public trails celebrate the local and independents of this world, and at their heart encourage players to open their eyes to the details around them and share this with their team - something we feel is enhanced by our now-signature cryptic clues. We want players to get a real sense of discovery when they arrive at secret spots they might not have found on their own (or even better, in places they thought they knew!) and to have fun together doing it.

We attempt to put the social back in social media with our gameplay, utilising some of its most familiar and absorbing features such as GIFs, videos, emojis and Facebook Messenger chat to send and receive clues, so that players have the feeling they are chatting to a mate instead of listening to a guide or mindlessly following instructions. We love helping people connect and seeing how our community has grown and social media has been central to this.

Over time our adventures have evolved to bring fun and engagement to all kinds of locations, events and circumstances. It still gives us all the feels to see selfies of teams with beaming smiles playing our public trails, but we also love developing new features for custom events and find it really rewarding seeing how we can adapt what we are doing to new and exciting projects. We are always open to chatting about interesting ideas and partnerships, so please feel free to get in touch!

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